Words by Holly Lee. Response in picture by Lee Ka-sing

Old Don Huang

In a recent dream old Don Huang encountered
concentric circles spinning, robots working twenty four and seven
trashing recycling the old propagating producing the new
the troubadour returns to witness a history forgotten
ten scorching suns nine must be exterminated

One last sun standing but moon she chooses to reside
jade rabbit keeps pounding unleashing the elixir of life
where's that promised long life, power and precious ring?
Middle-Earth happily reinhabiting, in a new zeal land
but land of extreme happiness they sing, sits far in the west end

Once paradise, Salmon in wild waters hatch migrate spawn and die
silk worms in cocoons could've become butterflies
corals rhinos leopards and gray whales are prone to extinction
man's actions fast and ferocious, always in denial
always go went and gone without a righteous trial

Why are you complaining asks Noah, over this blessed age?
years came by and wasted I want to make haste, but
my eyesight does not fit my vision my body does not match mind
a forest is burning inside and just when I start to realize, and love my life
my world and my place, I lose time in the battle I lose future in the race

I live in time I could not slow it down
I put time in a marmalade jar I store time in my camera
must cycles circle must age be linear? I hear the troubadour's footsteps
the last sun in our solar system is panting. Kronos devours ouroboros Tiamat laid
tattered and open, letting out an entire new universe all from her brokens!

In Don Huang's dream the spinning top comes to a halt
he feels light as planet dusts, shimmering trembling and drifting
into the great dark void it is colossal and hollow it is Shiva's voice
through burning flames and sacred ashes the phoenix gracefully rises
this bird of wonder rides time as tides, coming going and coming going

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