Words by Holly Lee. Response in picture by Lee Ka-sing

Poems on Spain: Two Cups

You said
how these coffee stains
resembled the Grand Canyon
each time you drank
you printed a smile
you had fun
creating a lady
I looked at mine
a gentle

At the Fundació Joan Miró
we had tuna sandwich
then croissant
I just wonder
would you prefer the legend
of Christian's victory
to Marie Antoinette
her obsession of flakier kipferi
a feat of Austrian origin
where both of them belong

We climbed Mount Montjuïc
we passed the fountain of magic
no light show
no waterfall
You smelled a cat cafe
a mouse was at its claw
arriving at the museum
we met Personage at the door
the Majesties of
King, Queen and the Prince
a Girl with a red hand wheel Escaping
the Solar bird
a Pair of lovers playing
with almond blossoms
and the head of a woman
with a big mouth singing

As a child
you liked Kandinsky
you drew like Picasso
you made clay
like Miró
I still wear your childhood's apron
I keep all faxes and letters
you a little girl
tears rolling down like
the ropes of a swing
me my ice-cream cone wooing
from eight thousand miles away
you said you always hated Christmas
hated spending all the holidays
when parents busily traveling
alone at home
you had to stay

I still have problem expressing
I thought you don't mind
but never trust presuming
this one I've just learned
let me tell you then
before your coming
a brave mother was I
never signed nor moaning
never screamed nor cry
I bore the pain silently
embracing my life's great gift
with all my wilful mind

then you came
this gorgeous little being
I was flooded with so much love
the agony became so mild
I felt
every baby my baby
every child my child

For Iris, and her birthday
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